Dish's Ergen still sorting out wireless options, but doesn't want to sell spectrum

LAS VEGAS--Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) Chairman Charlie Ergen said it will probably be months before the company finalizes its plan for how to proceed with its wireless network as it works through regulatory and technical hurdles. Still, he said that he does not want to sell the company's 40 MHz of AWS-4 spectrum, which the FCC approved last month for terrestrial mobile broadband use. "We don't want to sell the spectrum," Ergen told Reuters on the sidelines of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show here. "We'd prefer to be in the wireless broadband business and make a difference to consumers." Dish has indicated it would like to partner with another carrier to build its proposed LTE Advanced network, but has not made a firm commitment to that idea. Meanwhile, Ergen said Dish will work with its vendors on designing its network. Article