Dish's Ergen to provide more details on wireless plans in next 3 months

Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen said the company will hopefully be able to provide more details on how it intends to move forward with its planned LTE-advanced network within the next three months. Ergen made the comments during Dish's third-quarter earnings conference call Tuesday. Dish has been waiting for final rules on the terrestrial use of its MSS S-band spectrum. The company has 40 MHz of the spectrum, which the FCC has renamed the AWS-4 band. "I think we'll have decisions before the end of the year. And I think, give us 30 days," Ergen said, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript. "Once we get decisions for us to say, 'OK, now based on all that data, here's where we think we're going to go.' And so I'm hopeful that the next time, our next quarter conference call, we'll be able to give you some real insight in the kind of direction we think we're going." Ergen continued to express hope that the FCC's rules will allow Dish to proceed with its plans to enter the wireless marketplace, and that Dish will look to partner with another wireless carrier. However, Ergen and other executives stressed they need the rules before they know how the company will proceed. Article