Disney Mobile launches commercially

Disney Mobile launched today, selling subscriptions to its MVNO service through its Web site and by phone. The family plans start at $60 a month for 450 minutes and scale up to $250 per month for 4,500 minutes. The family plans include two lines of service with an option to add more lines for $10 per month each. Each plan is limited to nine phones total. The first additional line requires an activation fee of $35 and each one thereafter carries a $25 activation fee. Like most plans, the service requires a two-year contract and credit approval.

For parents still under contract with a different carrier, Disney offers a single line of service for the child and allows the parents to still take advantage of the GPS child tracker service by logging on to the Disney Mobile Web site. Individual lines start at $40 a month for 400 minutes and scale up to $170 per month for 3,500 minutes. Text messages for any plan run 10 cents a pop and picture messages are a quarter.

For more on Disney Mobile's launch:
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