Disney Mobile metrics

Disney Mobile general manager George Grobar released a number of metrics about the MVNO's location based services, subscriber base breakdown, IP messaging usage and plans for EV-DO. The almost one-year-old MVNO seems to be doing well:

  • 30 percent of subscribers use its GPS location tracking services, and those that do, use it about 14 times per month.
  • 30 percent of the location requests originate on the Web, the other 70 percent come from the handset.
  • 56 percent of subscribers are adults, 44 percent are children.
  • More than 65 percent of the subscribers use the Family Alert prioritized text messaging feature.

Grobar also announced that the MVNO plans to offer 3G features through Sprint's EV-DO network, currently Disney Mobile's data offerings only run over Sprint's CDMA 1x network. Grobar also mentioned that a shared family-calendar feature was in the works as well as a photoshare application between family members.

For more on Disney Mobile's metrics:
- see this report from RCR News

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