DragonWave debuts backhaul solution

U.S. wireless operators are taking a close look at wireless backhaul solutions that use common carrier spectrum (between 11 GHz to 38 GHz band) because it's economical and easy to deploy. Building on that interest, DragonWave today introduced a new Horizon Compact Gigabit Ethernet microwave transmission system that provides 800 Mbps full-duplex capacity.

DragonWave Vice President of Product Marketing Alan Solheim says that this type of backhaul appeals to operators because it uses licensed spectrum but it's affordable. For example, common carrier spectrum can be purchased for about $100 per link, which is much more economical than using 3G spectrum for wireless backhaul. 

In addition, DragonWave's solution is "zero footprint," which Solheim says means that it can be integrated into a base station and doesn't require additional space at the cell site. DragonWave is working with various infrastructure vendors to integrate its backhaul solution into their base stations.

So far DragonWave has made inroads with alternative wireless operators such as NextWave Broadband but it is also hoping to attract business from traditional wireless operators. -Sue

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