Droid X difficulties; Lenovo on the Android tablet bandwagon

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> Lawmakers are looking to crack down on cell phones in prisons. Article

> Verizon Wireless confirmed that a small number of Droid X devices suffer from screen problems. Article

> A Hewlett-Packard Web page points to a possible Windows 7 tablet. Article

> Dell, Samsung and LG are among Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 launch partners. Article

> Reuters reports on smartphones as the next battlefield accessory. Article

> Lenovo appears to be the latest computer maker with plans for an Android tablet. Article

Mobile Content News

> Mobile advertising firm Crisp Wireless announced a partnership with mobile publishing solutions provider Verve Wireless. Article

> Apple's iTunes sales topped the $1 billion mark. Article

> Yahoo is testing Microsoft's search solutions. Article

> Yahoo's revenues failed to reach expectations. Article

> Adobe showed off a video calling service for Android devices dubbed FlashTime. Article

Mobile Developer News

> A developer apparently snuck past Apple's App Store gatekeepers with a tethering app disguised as a flashlight application. Article

European Wireless News

> Vodafone Germany tapped Ericsson and Huawei for LTE. Article

And finally... Let the spoofs begin! Check out this banned iPhone 4 antenna ad. Video

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