Early Firefox Mobile version glimpsed for WinMo; Sierra executive departs

> An early version of Fennec, or Mozilla Firefox's Mobile version, has been glimpsed in an online video. It is expected to make its debut soon on the Windows Mobile platform. Article

> Sierra Wireless announced that Trent Punnett, the company's senior vice president for marketing and corporate development, would be leaving. Sierra said it had no immediate plans to refill the position. Release 

> Azimuth Systems, which makes wireless broadband test equipment, announced the availability of their new ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator. Release

> Comcast confirmed it is trialing a program in around 100 commuter rail stations in New Jersey to give free wireless access to the operator's cable modem customers. Article

> Vodafone is expected to take dramatic action to stop the steep decline in sales for Research In Motion's Blackberry Storm, possibly by combining it with a mobile broadband dongle. Article

> More than 80 percent of smartphone users would prefer surfing the web, sending emails or downloading data using WiFi as opposed to 3G, according to a new study conducted by Devicescape, which openly admits to being a WiFi applications vendor. Article 

> Memory chip company Rambus said it has developed a technology that significantly boosts the computing power of mobile devices. Article

And finally... A Chinese man has been killed after the phone in his chest pocket blew up, probably from the cell phone's battery exploding, making it the seventh such case in China in the last six years in which which a cell phone battery exploded and led to a death. Article