Editor's Corner

It's day one here at CTIA, and I'm getting prepared for the onslaught of announcements to be about content, content, content. My head is already spinning as I check my email box. A lot of announcements, thankfully, have to do with making the mobile content experience better for the end user.

Adobe announced a strategic alliance with Verizon this morning to start a mobile ecosystem built around Flash technology designed to allow developers to create new interactive mobile content experiences for Verizon Wireless customers. This allows developers to create and offer new content, applications and data services based on Flash, a technology that is used by millions of designers and developers around the world. Meanwhile, Alltel and Sybase iAnywhere are partnering to provide the AvantGo mobile Internet service to subscribers, giving users access to thousands of mobile Web sites optimized for Alltel smartphones. Earlier this week, we saw an announcement from AOL to optimize Web sites for the mobile environment.

InfoSpace announced a new mobile search product that allows customers to search for content across heterogeneous data types, including storefront content and portal searches, through a single search box.

Optimization seems to be the buzzword of late as this industry realizes there is a need for a better user experience on that tiny screen, whether it's better-looking Web pages or an easier way to navigate through the plethora of content. A host of new content players may be attracted to this space, but there's still a lot of work to be done on actual usability.

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