Editor's Corner

Well, it's been a whirlwind week at the TelcoTV conference in San Diego. The usual suspects of wireline telcos, OEMs and start-ups are gearing up to challenge the increasingly VoIP-equipped cable MSOs for triple-play offerings. One notable panel focused on wireless IPTV. Satellite, converged 3G/IP and WiMax had proponents on the panel, but the Q&A period indicated the beloved WiMax won the day. The elusive quadruple play may only be realized if and when the WiMax 802.16e standard comes to fruition and makes good on its promises. Two years should tell, maybe. Ruckus Wireless supplied the "here and now" wireless solution for the home with its MIMO and smart antenna offering that routes IP-based data (including IPTV) wirelessly throughout the home. The solution worked up to 100 ft. away from the router--"The Gladiator" didn't lose a gory second.

The primary reason for the hike out to San Diego (just as DC begins to feel like winter, mind you) was to prepare for the launch of our FierceIPTV newsletter next week. Please join us as we tackle the booming IPTV industry, which some think is positioned today where VoIP was a year ago. Sign up for free at www.FierceIPTV.com and look for it Thursday.

Also: I'm very pleased to announce that the FierceCIO daily email is partnering with Sage Research this fall to sponsor a contest, "Best Practices in IP Telephony." Winners in two categories--large enterprises and SMBs with fewer than 1,000 employees--will be recognized for their use of innovative telephony solutions. If you know someone who recently worked with an enterprise IT manager to implement one of these systems, be sure to encourage them to submit an entry.

The judges for this contest include FierceCIO editor Judy Mottl, Kathryn Korostoff, president of Sage Research, and Zeus Kerravala, vice president of Enterprise Computing and Networking at Yankee Group. For complete contest details and a copy of the official rules visit this Web site. The deadline for entries is December 16. - Brian