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Einstein at the Patent Office

More news on the RIM vs. NTP trademark case this week... RIM announced plans to take the case to the US Supreme Court following an appellate court's decision to let stand the original finding that RIM infringed on NTP's patents. Despite the setback, RIM's strategy of dragging out the court process - while the US Patent & Trademark Office rejects each of NTP's patent claims - is working. Lobbying the Supreme Court to take the case could buy RIM enough time to allow the USPTO to reject NTP's last remaining patent claims, rendering the case moot.

The Supreme Court should take the RIM case for all the reasons RIM says it should. Since the dot-com bubble, patent holding has become its own lucrative market void of any benefit to consumers or innovation. Even if the USPTO dismisses all of NTP's claims, and RIM wins, a broader discussion about patent holding and "patent-able" ideas needs to take place in the tech community.  

One proposal for improving the patent process, which I favor, suggests that the patent office should reveal the claim for a patent, but not the company's method, for a certain period of time. If anyone else can duplicate the claim, then the idea is too obvious for a patent. It doesn't take Einstein to figure this one out. I've stated my claim. Now duplicate it.


In other news, Stephen Wellman, unfortunately, is no longer with FierceWireless. He is moving to the Big Apple to expand his horizons outside of the wireless industry. We are grateful to his years of service to the publication and will miss his wit, dedication, and ability to "geek out" about the wireless industry and just about any arcane academic topic. He was the first member of the team when I started FierceMarkets, the parent company of FierceWireless; I have to admit, I am sad to see him go, but I also feel a sense of pride in his success.

Brian Dolan, our star Associate Editor, will serve as acting editor of FierceWireless as we search for a new lead editor. Feel free to contact him with press releases at [email protected] You may also contact our Editorial Director, Ann Binstock, at [email protected]Jeff Giesea

We are already lining up several exciting developments for FierceWireless in the new year. Stay tuned... We're as fierce as ever.

Jeff Giesea
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