Editor's Corner

Non-Stop Sk(h)ype

The latest Skype rumor claims that online auction powerhouse eBay is making a play to acquire the VoIP company for between $2 billion and $5 billion. Rumors about the impending buyout of Skype have been circulating now for months. While I'm a big fan of Skype -- they are a member of the 2005 FierceWireless Fierce 15 -- I'm not certain that the company is worth this much money. I respect Skype greatly. They are true pioneers, and they have proven that average consumers will use VoIP in large numbers. But I have yet to see any evidence that the company deserves this kind of valuation. A deal of this size could inflate the overall VoIP market. It could even threaten the wireless industry and the rest of telecom by spurring another industry bubble.

I also fear that unless Skype can somehow grow its paid services at a faster rate, the company could become the Netscape of VoIP. I wish Skype the best of luck, and I hope they succeed at growing their business. I also hope they don't damage the telecom industry by ushering in a round of over-priced VoIP business deals. - Stephen

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