Editor's Corner

Market research released by Lucent Technologies yesterday shows that businesses and consumers are willing to pay a premium for next-generation mobile high speed data services. No mention of mobile music services. No mobile gaming either, and while mobile messaging is still a strong contender, Lucent's results point to a completely different data horse: wireless VoIP, or wVoIP. wVoIP generated the most willingness to buy amongst enterprise communications technology decision makers and was the top driver for switching carriers. It's clear to Lucent, and many other industry leaders that wVoIP is a priority for the enterprise, and therefore the wireless industry in the years ahead.

On that note, we are only days away from the only event focused on wireless VoIP, FierceMarkets' wVoIP Executive Summit, which will be held next week on November 7-8 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA. Use my last name "DOLAN" as your promotional code and receive $300 off your admission price. Register today! -Brian

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