Editor's Corner

Lynnette's editor's corner yesterday on the death of Mobile ESPN sparked some interesting letters to the editor. Here's one from the CEO of a small MVNO that's staying afloat... -Brian

Lynnette, I enjoyed your Editor's Corner and found it very informative. I am the CEO and Founder of Interstate Connections and I agree with your thoughts on the MVNO market. We launched our MVNO--targeted specifically at long haul truckers--3 months ago and have seen early success with our program. We hit 1000 active customers in less than 90 days, and our volume continues to ramp up monthly. There are MVNO success stories out there, but sometimes they are not from the "front page" companies--like mine. Feel free to visit our website for more info on Interstate Connections. www.interstate-connections.com (don't forget the "dash" between Interstate and Connections).    

Brandon Frye, CEO
Interstate Connections

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