Editor's Corner

Following the much anticipated launch of our Web site, Fierce would like to share one of the many letters to the editor we get everyday. Keep sending them in, and when appropriate, we'll publish them in our newsletter. Stay tuned for a dedicated "Letters to the Editor" section on our site, coming soon. - Brian

Dear FierceWireless,

I appreciate your excellent coverage of the Sprint/WiMAX announcement (and most everything else) but everyone seems to have missed the most important issue in this selection. Mobile WiMAX will be the LOWEST cost way to deliver high speed data. Price is the primary market deterrent for the kind of applications Forsee mentions. The combination of smart antenna technology and TDD spectrum will produce a platform that will be at least 10 times lower in cost than the derivatives of existing wireless technologies.


Marty Cooper, chairman, CEO and co-founder, ArrayComm