Editor's Corner

The results from the FierceWireless-BlueFire Wireless Security Survey are in and one thing is clear: Wireless industry insiders are chiefly concerned about viruses or attacks on their corporate networks and the security of data during transmission over wireless or cellular networks. More than 70 percent of respondents listed viruses as a wireless security concern, while 40 percent listed loss or theft of wireless devices as a top concern. An overwhelming 86 percent of respondents said that security protection should be required of their handheld devices with more than 90 percent reporting a concern about the security of email access to corporate server-based accounts and remote access to corporate networks. Similarly, 84 percent said access to Web-based email accounts had become a concern. A sizable 67 percent said they were worried about the security of Web access from their smartphones, while more than half of the respondents listed similar concern for IM, order entry, CRM, SMS and MMS.

The results clearly show the quickening rise of sophisticated wireless products in the corporate space and the clear need to combat the impending threats of viruses and other security concerns that are only just beginning to threaten the enterprise. A complete report on the FierceWireless-Bluefire Wireless Security Survey is available at www.bluefiresecurity.com/securitysurvey. - Brian

Also, FierceWireless erroneously wrote on Friday that Sprint Nextel was suing IBM for $600 million. The actual figure is $6 million.