Editor's Corner

FierceWireless will not be publishing on Monday because of the Memorial Day holiday. As you're traveling around this weekend, try out those nifty fuel-finder wireless applications that are popping up to help you locate the gas stations with the cheapest gas. Of course, if the cheapest gas is five miles away, you may just negate the the savings you will find by burning more gas to drive there. And you have to do some math to decide whether the data charges you are incurring for using these services actually help you save much money all around. You might save some money each month on gas, but you have to pay $1.99 per month to use Verizon's FuelFinder service on Mobile Web 2.0 plus pay $5 a month to actually access Mobile Web 2.0. And don't forget those airtime charges.

On another note, WiMAX Strategies 2006 is right around the corner, and it's not too late to register. The event is being held in Chicago on June 7-8 in conjunction with GLOBALCOMM, and we have a full roster of speakers booked, including keynotes from AT&T and Motorola and other top industry luminaries. This is going to be an excellent opportunity to network with the experts and learn how you can capitalize on the changes WiMAX may bring to the industry. Click here to register. Enjoy your three-day weekend. - Lynnette