Emerging markets boost Nokia

Nokia's strong fourth quarter was partly thanks to its market dominance in key emerging markets like China, India, the Middle East and Africa. Nokia sold a record 133.5 million phones during the quarter, while Motorola's handset sales fell 38 percent during the same period. Nokia said it saw the strongest growth in the Middle East and Africa, where shipments were up 52.3 percent, while sales grew in APAC and China as well. Sales in North America and other mature markets, however, slid during the quarter. Nokia is beating its competitors because it's in a better position to scale its products, and Motorola took note of that:

"We need to be not so much a producer of volume to get scale," said Motorola CFO Tom Meredith. "We've got to produce the right design point with the right features and functionality at the right cost. And if we do that, scale will be less of an obstacle than it is perhaps today."

For more on Nokia's emerging market dominance:
- read this article from CNET

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