Executive Interview—AT&T's John Donovan on cost savings from virtualization, spectrum deployment and more

AT&T's John Donovan

AT&T is the nation's second-largest wireless operator that recently completed its acquisition of satellite TV giant DirecTV and is in the process of purchasing media heavyweight Time Warner. In the wireless realm, AT&T is working to enhance and expand its LTE network to support unlimited services and zero-rated data ahead of a move to 5G network technology.

In this executive interview, AT&T's John Donovan discusses the carrier's service virtualization strategy and its efforts to both ramp up new services and cut costs through the application of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technology. Donovan, AT&T's chief strategy officer and group president for technology and operations, also dives into AT&T's spectrum deployment strategies, and discusses the initial progress the carrier has made in putting its 40 MHz of excess AWS and WCS spectrum to use. 

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