Expert Insight Teaser: Mobile Generation Gap

Expert Insight: The Mobile Generation Gap
By Kanishka Agarwal

How many times have industry insiders been asked: "What do you think is the next killer app in mobile?"

Every time we are asked that question, we try to come up with the most creative thing we can, but fall quite short of a novel, made-for-mobile, completely innovative "killer app."

The problem is that we--the current generation of industry insiders and mobile business managers--are not the true mobile generation. We did not grow up having access to a mobile phone, but adopted them much later in life.

Sure, maybe our parents owned a cell phone the size of a brick when we were young. Or perhaps we were always the first to get the latest Nokia, Motorola, or Palm phone amongst our group of friends when we finally grew up and were able to buy a phone. Early adopters we are, but our experience does not match the true mobile generation, who most likely have carried a phone since they were pre-teens and who are avid users of data content and mobile media services.

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