Facebook opens up about Bolts, tools for faster iOS and Android app development

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) acquired mobile backend-as-a-service provider Parse last year, and now is talking about Parse's Bolts Framework. Bolts are essentially a set of tools that will help developers create apps more easily--and not just apps for Facebook. Bolts could be used by any developer, for almost any app. For a company that has been often criticized for being slow to embrace opportunities in mobile computing, Bolts is a sign that Facebook may be treating its relationships with developers as a higher priority. Bryan Klimt, a software engineer at Facebook who came from Parse, talked to FierceDeveloper about Bolts and the company's approach to open source developer tools. "That we're getting the help to build something like this and continue our mission is a statement to Facebook's commitment to helping developers," Klimt said. Click here for the full interview.