FCC boosts wireless backhaul capabilities

The FCC has greenlit the use of small antennas by 11 GHz licensees, which could aid 3G and wireless broadband carriers thanks to less expensive and more competitive wireless backhaul options. The ruling follows a petition by FiberTower, which recently inked a WiMAX backhaul deal with Sprint Nextel.

The ruling "should make it easier for the last-mile delivery of wireless broadband services to buildings that may currently be difficult or expensive to reach with antennas allowed under our prior rules. I am also pleased that the item endorses principles to address aggregate interference concerns in a manner that protects incumbent licensees while not disrupting the use and expansion of terrestrial microwave services in the band," said FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein.

For more on the FCC's decision:
- read this press release
- read the rest of Adelstein's statement
- read Commissioner Tate's statement
- read Commissioner McDowell's statement
- Register today for FierceMarkets' Beyond T1: Evaluating Backhaul Options event

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