FCC extends VoIP 911 deadline

The FCC extended its VoIP 911 deadline, giving VoIP service providers an extra 30 days to receive customer notification of 911 compliance before providers will have to turn off service. The FCC said VoIP service providers had demonstrated significant efforts to comply with the notification requirement and extended the deadline to September 28. The FCC was worried that not all VoIP subscribers know that when they dial the emergency 911 number with a VoIP phone that the call may not reach an emergency dispatcher or that the call information would not show the location from where the call was made.

Critics of the FCC's approach to E911 and VoIP claim that the majority of VoIP subscribers already know this information and that the FCC's initial mandate did not give VoIP service providers enough time to comply with the agency's requirements.

For more on the FCC's VoIP 911 extension:
- see this story from Australian IT

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