FCC releases final list of 700 MHz auction bidders

The FCC released the final list of qualified bidders for the 700 MHz auction that included 214 applicants, up from the 170 qualified bidders from the original list. The FCC designated these applicants as qualified to bid after they successfully provided certifications and submitted sufficient upfront payment.

Wireless carriers Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Alltel, Leap Wireless and MetroPCS have all filed to participate in the auction. These traditional bidders will be competing with each other and an eclectic mix of other companies including Towerstream, Qualcomm, Christian MVNO FaithFone, Cablevision, Cox, Google and the petrochemicals company Chevron.

The FCC established the following specific reserve prices for the five aggregate blocks of spectrum:  Block A, $1.8 billion; Block B, $1.4 billion; Block C, $4.6 billion; Block D, $1.3 billion; Block E, $0.9 billion.

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