FCC report boosts net neutrality profile; VoIP as the voice of the Internet?

> An FCC report found that the most successful countries in the world--when it comes to deploying broadband--have adopted net neutrality principles. Article

> Is VoIP the voice of the open mobile Internet? Commentary

> While smartphones don't generate as much data traffic as USB dongles, smartphones can strain networks because of the signaling load they generate, according to research form Airvana. Article

> Mobilkom Austria, the cellular subsidiary of Telekom Austria, has asked a select group of femtocell vendors to bid for a supply contract, even though it has said it sees only limited use for the technology. Article  

> The WiFi Alliance announced a new spec called WiFi Direct that will allow smartphones, laptops and other electronics to connect to each other without using a traditional WiFi hotspot. Article

And finally... The Onion catches up with a cell phone that's trying to get out of its two-year contract with its human owner. Article