FCC to discuss net neutrality at June 17 meeting

In an open meeting June 17, the FCC will vote on whether to solicit public comment regarding a proposal to regulate broadband access. Earlier this month FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski pushed ahead with a new legal strategy allowing the commission to implement net neutrality regulations for wireless and wired networks. His proposal came after a federal court said the agency lacked the authority to issue rules that would bar providers from interfering with subscribers' Web traffic.

In his proposal Genachowski said the "third way" forward on net neutrality would essentially reclassify broadband from a Title I information service to a Title II common-carrier service while at the same time forbearing from, or agreeing not to pursue, many of the regulations that are imposed on Title II services such as telephone systems. 

During the June 17 meeting, the FCC will ask whether it should take no action, regulate access for Internet providers using rules applied to telephone companies, or follow Genachowski's "third way" by applying only some of the telephone company rules.

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