FEATURE: On the Hot Seat with Motorola's Fred Wright

Motorola's Fred Wright 

On the eve of the CTIA Wireless 2008 conference, editor-in-chief Sue Marek talked with Fred Wright, senior vice president, cellular networks & WiMAX, home & networks mobility at Motorola about LTE vs. WiMAX, the 700 MHz auction and what he believes is meant by the phrase 'open networks.' Wright is one of the many executives who will be participating in FierceMarkets "Path to 4G" event on April 2 at the CTIA Wireless show. Here's the link to the full agenda. 

FierceWireless: Why do you think WiMAX and LTE are being positioned as competitive technologies in the 4G debate?  

Wright: I think both technologies are designed to provide a similar broadband wireless solution.  If we really go back in time, 2G went in three different directions. There was a TDMA technology called IS 136, there was GSM and there was CDMA, which was originally IS-95A and B. Then along came 3G. There are two technologies in the global market: UMTS/HSPA and the other is EVDO Rev. A. As we look at global wireless technologies there is a long history around different industry groups developing technical specifications and developing standards for technologies that are designed for a specific solution. In the case of 2G it was all about voice. For 3G it was all about data but voice was a component so you can't forget about voice.

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