FEATURE: On the Hot Seat with T-Mobile USA's Neville Ray

On Monday T-Mobile USA launched its much-anticipated first UMTS/HSDPA market in New York City. Sue Marek, FierceWireless editor-in-chief talked with Neville Ray, senior vice president, engineering operations at T-Mobile USA about the operator's 3G rollout. The company currently offers four UMTS devices, which provide data speeds between 200 Kbps -300 Kbps. However, T-Mobile plans to introduce HSDPA devices later in the year, which will offer data speeds of 600 Kbps to 1 Mbps.

FierceWireless: How long have you working on this? How long did it take you to clear the spectrum and get the devices?

Ray: The auctions were in mid-2006 and we came out of the auctions in 3Q 2006 and kicked off a lot of work. We have been working on the 3G opportunity for several years. We started the network rollout back in 2006 and that has continued over the last 2 years.

FierceWireless: How many markets will get UMTS/HSDPA in 2008?

Ray: We'll have... Read more about T-Mobile's 3G Rollout

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