FEATURE: On the Hot Seat With Telstra's Sol Trujillo

Sol Trujillo, CEO of Australian operator Telstra, spearheaded the company's transformation from a traditional telecom firm into a global communications giant. The former CEO of Orange and one-time president and CEO of US West (before it became Qwest) talked with FierceWireless editor-in-chief Sue Marek about Telstra's success with HSPA, the iPhone's potential entry in Australia and why he didn't choose WiMAX for Telstra's NextG network. 

FierceWireless: What has been your biggest achievement at Telstra so far?

Trujillo: The board recruited me for a major turnaround or transformation. Because it's more than a turnaround, it's a redefining of the business. The way I've described it to the financial markets is that we are building the next-generation media com company. 

We are on or at plan on everything we are doing. We have changed the game in wireless. We changed the game in broadband. And we are changing the game even with what some regard as our old telco product, PSTN.  We have world-leading results in all categories.

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