FEATURE: Open up, here comes the 4GMF

By Brian Dolan

Stanford University Professor Willie Lu's 4G Mobile Forum (4GMF) has big plans for the future of U.S. mobile communications. The 4GMF, of which Lu is the founder and chairman, wants to "liberate the whole wireless industry" so that users can personalize their future mobile phones and enable mobile users to navigate the platform as deftly as a mouse-equipped PC user.

"Even though we call the forum the '4GMF,' it doesn't mean we have a very formal definition of what '4G' is," Lu says. "I'm a technical person and technical people don't care about these terms. '4G' or '3G'--these are just marketing terms, they are not technologies' names. We just called it '4GMF' because most people have no idea what something like open wireless architecture is."

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