Feehan to remain Virgin Mobile CFO; Verizon gets final OK on 700 MHz licenses

> John Feehan announced on Friday that he would remain the CFO of Virgin Mobile USA. He had previously announced he would leave to become CFO of the company Lifelock. Article 

> Verizon Wireless was given the final go-ahead by the FCC for the $4.7 billion worth of licenses it purchased in the 700 MHz spectrum. Article

> Alltel Wireless announced that it would offer a free month of service of two its popular applications--Alltel Navigation and XM Radio Mobile--to anyone purchasing a new handset. Article

> A former independent contractor for Sprint Nextel has plead guilty to concealing a felony related to a kickback scheme with two Sprint employees. Article

> Apple still hasn't approved Google's voice search app for the iPhone. Article

> The mobile operator 3UK has pledged to provide mobile broadband speeds of 14.4Mbps in major U.K. cities by the third quarter of 2010. Article

And finally... A North Carolina town has paid a woman $275,000 to settle a lawsuit stemming from a ban from entering a local club because of her dirty dancing. Article

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