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6:40 PM -- Fierce has the iPhone!

For a full photo documentation of the unboxing process and some hands-on impressions, visit this page. They actually ran out of 8GB models right after Arsalan got his. That means this location had less than 35 8GB models.


Pentagon City Mall Recap

Deborah McAdams reports: When I first arrived, I tried snapping shots of the dead Verizon Wireless kiosk in the food court on the ground floor. A security guard blocked my lens. I proceeded up to the second floor and noticed the line of people on the railing all around the courtyard. Apple in Pentagon City is right next to the Sony store, which appeared as dead as the VW kiosk. There were at least a dozen uniformed security, plus the plain-clotheser in a pinstripe who headed me off. He said that no unauthorized press was allowed, and that as far as he was concerned, no press had been authorized. I noticed there wasn't one single regular in the vicinity--not a single reporter notebook, Nikon or ENG camera. I would have half expected a local news crew, but there was not one that I saw. Now maybe one of the big outlets actually did get authorization, but I sure didn't see a sign of newsies. I wasn't the only person shooed away, either. Probably 40 or so folks were lined up on the railing watching the people in line. Any other day in the mall you could stand there and stare as long as you want, but the suit and the uniforms were all over us. Suit told me to make tracks or he'd have me escorted from the building.

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