FierceWireless presents its 2020 class of Rising Stars

Rising star - award
FierceWireless is highlighting these 10 executives who are on the rise in 2020. (nikkytok/iStock)
Linda Hardesty editor's corner

2020 has been a strange year, but that hasn’t stopped the wireless industry from forging ahead with its 5G build-outs. And if anything, the Covid-19 crisis has spurred operators to acquire more spectrum and make their networks more robust to meet the demands of mobile broadband in a year when internet connectivity is vital.

The 10 young executives who were chosen by the FierceWireless editorial team for 2020 were nominated by their companies. We're happy to see that this year’s slate of Rising Stars is more diverse than past years, and the executives also come from diverse business units within their companies, including marketing, engineering and network automation.

Their responsibilities include everything from advancing standalone 5G, to ensuring device compatibility, to promoting the concept of open RAN.

It’s interesting that more than one executive talked about failures and disappointments that made them a stronger leader, overall. And a couple of them talked about their experiences living in foreign countries and interacting with different cultures. We hope you enjoy reading their profiles!

Samsung's Jisha Hall

Jisha Hall, Samsung

Dish's John Swieringa

John Swieringa, DISH


Nokia's Sandro Tavares

Sandro Tavares, Nokia


Qualcomm's Ozge Koymen

Ozge Koymen, Qualcomm

U.S. Cellular's Courtland Madock

Courtland Madock, U.S. Cellular

Rakuten's Rahul Atri

Rahul Atri, Rakuten


Intel's Dan Rodriguez

Dan Rodriguez, Intel

Ericsson's Erik Simonsson

Erik Simonsson, Ericsson


T-Mobile's Yasmin Karimli

Yasmin Karimli, T-Mobile

AT&T's Jason Inskeep

Jason Inskeep, AT&T


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