Deutsche Bank Markets Research said it expects the nation’s operators to return to service revenue growth.

As T-Mobile approaches its sixth year under the “Un-carrier” branding, the question now is: Where will it go from here?

Jacobs may step down from the board at Qualcomm after it became known that he was exploring opportunities to buy out the chipmaker.

Chinese handset maker and telecom supplier ZTE Corp. swung back to black with a 293.8% surge in profit over 2016.

Wireless carriers are becoming an increasingly important sales channel for Apple’s new smartwatch.

AT&T has become the first mobile operator in the U.S. to introduce a “buy one, get one free” (BOGO) promotion for the $1,000 iPhone X.

Comcast added 250,000 wireless subscribers over the first four months of its MVNO launch—with a cost of acquisition of $1,260 per customer.

Verizon could engage in mergers or acquisitions in order to bolster its network or its content offerings, analysts at Barclays noted.

Top management from Qualcomm and Broadcom appear set to hold a meeting on Wednesday.