Viavi is looking to find profitability and better position itself for the coming era of 5G wireless deployments, with the acquisition of two sister companies.

Sprint reported postpaid phone customer additions of 184,000 in its most recent quarter.

What do the success at AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile mean for Sprint?

Nokia’s fourth-quarter results were better than its main European rival Ericsson, and it's optimistic that 5G will make a nice dent in sales before too…

Qualcomm announced a licensing agreement with Samsung that the company said stretches through 2023 and includes 5G technologies.

AT&T said it added 329,000 postpaid phone net customers in the fourth quarter.

AT&T said it expects to spend up to $25 billion this year in capital expenses.

Samsung reported a massive operating profit of around $14 billion in the fourth quarter—gains largely driven by sales of chipsets.

Ericsson is seeing increased momentum in 5G, including in North America, but it continues to struggle as the demand for LTE gear dwindles.

The Communication Workers of America launched a new association called “Wireless Workers United."