“We're at the conversation stage around 5G,” Crown Castle CEO Jay Brown said.

At least one Wall Street analyst firm believes Crown Castle’s deal during the quarter was with Sprint.

Following the release of Verizon’s results, a number of Wall Street analysts are offering a more positive outlook on the company’s prospects.

Here are the latest results from fourth-quarter earnings reports.

Verizon said it will book nearly $17 billion in gains, and analysts are now speculating on what the telecom carrier might do with its payout.

Sprint continues to offer a promotion that offers a free year of unlimited service to customers who switch to the carrier and bring their own phone.

Qualcomm today offered its most comprehensive argument so far about why they should reject Broadcom’s efforts to take over the company.

Network equipment vendor Ericsson said it would record another $1.8 billion write-down related to the falling value of parts of its business.