Telecom gear vendor Ericsson may slash more jobs outside Sweden as it continues to try to regain its footing in a competitive worldwide market.

The weighted average mobile broadband pricing has come down fivefold from about $9 per GB in 2016 to $1.80 per GB this year.

Google is paying billions of dollars per year to provide the default search function on Apple devices, according to analysts.

Opera Max, which manages and reduces data usage across Android apps, will soon be no more.

Analysts are predicting that Sprint will add 17,000 customers in the next quarter thanks to its offer for a free year of service for switchers.

Ting Mobile gained 19,000 additional customers during the first half of 2017—in part due to rival RingPlus shutting down service.

The head of Verizon’s wireless business said he doesn’t see much value in bundling different services together.

With news that a tie-up between Sprint and T-Mobile is back in the offing, a minority investment model could be the most practical way forward.