Fine print on Nexus One raises questions

The wireless world was set abuzz earlier this week with Google's unveiling of its Nexus One smartphone, made by HTC, and its Web store, where it will sell the device in partnership with T-Mobile USA. However, a close reading at the fine print behind the offer reveals some questions about how Google is handling customer relations. Since the phone is being marketed online, customers cannot physically touch the device before purchasing it. However, according to Google and T-Mobile's terms of service, if a customer buys the Nexus One and cancels their service within 120 days, they will be hit with $550 in early termination fees--$350 from Google and $200 from T-Mobile. There is a 14-day grace period at the start of service, though it is unclear which company will handle customer service inquiries if a user is unsure whether the problem is related to hardware, software or the network. It is also unclear if Google will in any way coordinate customer service between HTC and T-Mobile. A Google spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In other Nexus One news, Brightpoint announced it will offer logistical support for HTC for the Web store. Article, release, article.