Fluent: 'Consumer adoption is there' for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has had an underwhelming first year, according to new data from the advertising technology company Fluent. Only 47 percent of respondents in a survey of 2,500 American adults agreed that "the Apple Watch is a successful product," the company said, and only 62 percent of regular users of Apple products deemed the wearable successful.

But the 8 percent of those polled who said they own an Apple Watch seem to like the gadget: More than three-fourths of them said the Apple Watch is a successful product, and 80 percent say they use it for fitness tracking and notifications. Seventy-five percent of owners use it to listen to music; 66 percent for e-mail and chat; and 61 percent for Apple Pay.  

Apple has yet to release sales figures for its watch, and a recent price cut once again fueled speculation that the device isn't selling well. But "consumer adoption is there" for the Apple Watch, Fluent said, and the wearable market still holds substantial promise. Blog post