Former FBI director backs Frontline Wireless

The former director of the FBI, Louis Freeh has endorsed Frontline Wireless' spectrum auction proposal because he says it's the best chance that U.S. public safety agencies have for getting an interoperable communications system. Freeh, who served as the head of the FBI from September 1993 until June of 2001, said he has been calling for a national, interoperable public safety network since the 1980s.

"This auction is just the last chance, at least in my time, for some effective plan to be implemented," Freeh said at a Frontline press conference Thursday.

Frontline's proposal asks the FCC to designate 10MHz from the 60MHz to be auctioned and add it to the 12MHz of a 24MHz block already reserved for public safety. The company proposes that the winner of the 10MHz would be required to offer the spectrum other carriers on a wholesale basis.

For more on Freeh's support for Frontline:
- read this article from PC World

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