Forsee compares Sprint to Apple

Sprint CEO Gary Forsee said his company facilitates the transfer of 100 million photos each month over its wireless network and that only Apple handles more music downloads than Sprint. Forsee made the comments to a business group in Cleveland, Ohio and also noted that Sprint plans to spend $8 billion this year to upgrade its networks throughout the U.S., this figure includes the carrier's high profile WiMAX buildout.

During the question and answer period, the audience drew from his earlier Apple comparison and asked the inevitable: How will Sprint compete with the iPhone? Forsee said he would "have to be crazy" not to keep an eye on the much-hyped handset, but the first generation models will surely be glitch-ridden and the high price tag will turn off many customers. Forsee also promoted the recently launched Samsung UpStage as a strong contender against the iPhone.

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