Frommer's, Aircell team on in-flight service

Having determined that no minute of any day should be wasted and that people no longer read things like airline-sponsored magazines, in-flight communications provider Aircell has tapped Frommer's to provide travel and entertainment guide information free of charge to WiFi-equipped airplane passengers.

The free information, which is first being used by American Airlines, will use Aircell's Gogo in-flight Internet service as the network of choice for Frommer's information and recommendations on hotels, restaurants and other land-based facilities at destination cities. Passengers flying at 35,000 feet or so can use their WiFi devices to access the network and the information about things that will be available when they land, preferably at their destination cities.

This is, not surprisingly, a new distribution channel for Frommer's and the first time its content has been available to in-flight airline passengers who previously had to rely on airline magazines for recommendations about cities where the carriers flew but not necessarily where the passengers were landing.

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