Genachowski pushing for broadband access, pragmatism

The new chairman of the FCC has his sights set on achieving a mammoth goal: expanding broadband access to all Americans. How Julius Genachowksi will go about doing that remains an open question, and industry observers are looking for hints as to how he might lean in terms of regulatory policy. Genachowski offered few hints in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, but did reiterate his commitment to expanding broadband access. As for another contentious issue before the FCC--handset exclusivity deals--Genachowski said there wasn't any definite timetable for completing the commission's review on the matter, but said it would be done in a way that "doesn't prejudge the outcome." He also said that his time in both the public and private sectors have given him insight into the power of pragmatism. Now that he's at the FCC, what remains to be seen is how Genachowski wields power himself. Article (sub. req.)