Google and others spur development of multiplayer mobile games

Last week Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) officially launched the Google Play Games app, which will help Android gamers find friends based on their Google+ circles. While Google simply said the app was designed to help "turbo-charge gaming on Android," a presentation at Google's recent I/O developer conference suggested that the multiplayer approach could drive engagement across almost any platform. Google Play Services, of course, aren't the only way for developers to enter the multiplayer arena. Last week also saw the debut of a multiplayer platform for developers from GoInstant, a Canadian company which was acquired last year by The GoInstant platform will give developers access to a compute stack to manage user presence, access control, real-time messaging, state storage and a security suite. Meanwhile, others are blazing a path to multiplayer games independently. Last month Seattle-based Jawfish Games launched its own multiplayer platform, which runs off centralized Amazon Cloud servers and which the company said would allow hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users to play its titles, which include Jawfish Poker and Jawfish Words. Find out more about how Google and others are trying to bring multiplayer gaming from the PC to mobile in this FierceDeveloper special report.