Google could be subsidizing cost of Nexus 5; Line generates $100M per quarter

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@FierceWireless: RT@phonescoop: FCC Piles Paperwork on AT&T Regarding Leap Acquisition: Article[email protected]

> Messaging app Line now generates roughly $100 million per quarter. Article

> Verizon Wireless announced the new The Delphi Connect and Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot--for $99.99 and $199.99, respectively--that the carrier said will provide Wi-Fi to motorists and can work through its shared data plans. Post

> Facebook is investigating wearable technology. Article

> The retrial of Apple vs. Samsung is set to begin tomorrow. Article

> According to a new Reuters report, Alcatel-Lucent is hoping to sell its enterprise division. Article

> It appears that Google is subsidizing the cost of its Nexus 5 smartphone by $100. Article

> The $8,000 Gramohorn II increases the speaker volume of the HTC One by 50 percent just through acoustics. Article

> Intel plans to build 50,000 "Tesla" branded phones in Serbia next year. Article

> Procera Networks and Avvasi Partner announced a partnership to sell video QoE management and analytics products to wireless carriers. Release

> According to a new report, Tizen Mobile Lite is being developed for low-end phones. Article

Wireless Tech News

> Gogo announced new technology that lets passengers uses its inflight Wi-Fi system to send text messages and make phone calls using their own smartphone. Article

> With global smartphone subscriptions reaching 5.6 billion by 2019, Ericsson is now turning to "app coverage." Article

Telecom News

> Verizon made a cloud-based big data analytics play with Cloudera. Article

Cable News

> Comcast is beginning to target college students with the launch of an IPTV service called Xfinity On Campus, which it plans to distribute through Web browsers, tablets and smartphones. Article

> According to a new report, Comcast will start charging overage fees in Atlanta on Dec. 1. Article

European Wireless News

> Before the move to "5G," operators need to get 3G right first. Editor's Corner

> Orange France teamed up with Visa Europe to launch a prepaid near-field communication (NFC) service for smartphone users across France in 2014. Article

> Vodafone UK failed to reach its 3G coverage target and got dinged by regulator Ofcom. Article

And finally… Amazon could start shipping products through the U.S. Post Office on Sundays. Article

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