Google counsel: We may buy 700MHz spectrum

On Tuesday, Google proposed that the FCC conduct the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction in real-time, just like Google auctions off its contextual advertising. At the time of the proposal, Google reminded the FCC that it had no plans to participate in the auction, but now that certainty seems to have changed.

Google's telecom and media counsel, Richard Whitt, said "We have not ruled in or out participating in the auction as a licensee." While Whitt did not disclose details on exactly what the company would do if it won the spectrum, the obvious choices are building a network and offering wireless services to end users (sort of like the company does right now in Mountain View, CA) or letting other service providers use the spectrum through an MVNO or reseller model. A Sonopia-like play by Google would certainly be interesting, given the company's Web-based applications.

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