Google launches VoIP service, partners with EarthLink

Google today launched its long-awaited instant messenger (IM) application, Google Talk. Google Talk also includes a peer-to-peer VoIP application similar to Skype. Google Talk allows users to set up text chat and computer-to-computer voice connections along with presence and other features commonly associated with IM. In fact, Google Talk uses the same codec (audio conversion software) as Skype. Google Talk is available now in beta mode as a download for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Macintosh users can connect to Google Talk users through iChat. Google also said that customers of service provider EarthLink will become part of a network that is compatible with Google Talk.

Google Talk is seen as a challenge to both established IM platforms, such as AOL and Yahoo, and VoIP service providers like Skype and established telecoms. Analysts are excited by the new application, which many claim will make the VoIP market even more competitive.

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