Google, Philips, Moto submit white space devices

During its open meeting yesterday the FCC announced its schedule for testing four new devices that are designed to run on the white spaces of spectrum that sits between broadcasters' DTV airwaves. The FCC is reviewing four devices from Microsoft, Philips, Motorola and Adaptrum as part of Phase II of white space testing. The FCC laboratory will commence testing the devices next week and expects the tests to continue for about four to six weeks. Field testing will follow the lab tests and take an additional four to six weeks.

The FCC commissioners also briefly addressed the concerns about the 700 MHz auction's D Block now that Frontline Wireless is out of the running: FCC chairman Kevin Martin said that the commission is standing by its rules for the D Block and is "optimistic" about the chances of a bidder taking on "the burden of working with public safety officials" to build out a public-private network.

Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein hinted that the D Block's fate is still uncertain: "Finally, with only one week before the [700 MHz] auction, we are seeing a lot of interest--maybe not as much interest as we hoped in some areas [laughs] but we are seeing a lot of interest."

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