Halliburton switches BlackBerrys with iPhones; AT&T's LTE beats Verizon's LTE in test

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@FierceWireless: Consolidating Smartphone Market Putting Pressure on Second-Tier Makers - Article by @inafried  | [email protected]

> Sprint Nextel said it partnered with Orange Business Services to provide global machine-to-machine connectivity outside the United States. Release

> The Femto Forum said 17 vendors will use its small cell LTE APIs. Release

> HTC announced its new Studio design team. Article

> Nokia released its Belle platform to Symbian users. Article

> The head of Apple's iPhone engineering left the company last year. Article

> Halliburton said it dropped its BlackBerrys in favor of iPhones. Article

> Samsung announced an event March 22, where it could announce the Galaxy S III. Article

> MetroPCS will use Apkudo's Device Analytics software for testing new Android smartphones as part of prepping those devices for launch to mobile subscribers. Release

> Elevate inked an MVNO deal with Sprint Nextel. Article

> AT&T Mobility's LTE network beat Verizon Wireless' LTE network in a recent test. Article

> A Cablevision patent hints at a potential Wi-Fi mobile phone service. Article

> Samsung has managed to reduce the cost of its LTE by half. Article

Mobile Content News

> Facebook will reportedly launch mobile ads in the coming weeks. Article

> Research In Motion said that 13 percent of BlackBerry developers earn at least $100,000. Article

> The U.S. mobile app industry accounts for nearly half a million jobs. Article

Mobile Developer News

> Nokia reportedly plans to halt production of smartphones based on the legacy Symbian operating system earlier than previously announced. Article

> Mobile application analytics provider Flurry is adding support for HTML5 apps in response to growing developer and technology executive interest in the web standard. Article

> IBM has acquired mobile application platform and tools provider Worklight. Article

And finally... A Chinese company is suing Apple over the iPad trademark. Article