Handset round-up: T-Mobile's Dash, Treo 680

T-Mobile launched a couple of interesting handsets this week: Motorola's RAZR V3t and the T-Mobile Dash. The RAZR model is simply the RAZR V3i rebranded for T-Mobile USA and the T-Mobile Dash is actually the HTC Excalibur, which may prove to be a rival for the Motorola Q. The Dash boasts WiFi and EDGE, but looks like a fat Blackberry from the leaked photo. Both phones are myFaves-enabled.

Palm also unleashed their latest handset: the Treo 680, which allows users to listen to digital music, download podcasts and receive email--much like the Pearl. This handset is aimed at the growing segment that Symbian CEO Nigel Clifford calls "the Prosumer."

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