Helio claims 70K subscribers, $100 ARPU

The youth-oriented MVNO Helio, which runs on Sprint's network, disclosed that it finished 2006 with 70,000 subscribers, average revenue per user at $100 and monthly revenue streaming in at a rate greater than $100 million per year. The operating and financial disclosures came as the MVNO announced the launch of its over-the-air mobile music store, which will offer songs for $1.99 each.

The music service aims to boost Helio's already impressive ARPU that much higher--rival youth-oriented MVNO Amp'd, which runs on Verizon Wireless' network, has claimed a similar ARPU of more than $100: nearly twice what legacy carriers rake in each month. Helio's data services, like mobile Internet, MySpace Mobile and game downloads have brought in $25 on average per user per month: more than three times the industry average. Amp'd previously reported data revenue of $30 per user per month. Helio also reported that its users send and receive an average of 400 text messages per month, which is about seven times the industry average. Amp'd also previously announced that it had 100,000 by the end of last year--Helio plans to hit that figure by May.

For more on Helio subscriber adds:
- take a look at this press release

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