Helio launches GPS friend finder

"Wer r u?" May be a text message of the past, at least for Helio users. The innovative MVNO has launched a GPS-enabled friend finder application powered by Google Maps, which allows friends to create a buddy list and map fellow Buddy Beacon users. Sign on to the app and all your friends know where you are, if you are where your phone is, of course. Helio also teamed up with Samsung for the app, which runs on the Samsung-Helio cobranded handset, the Drift. AT&T Wireless had a similar application before the Cingular acquisition a few years ago, called Find Friends, however, that service relied on triangulation to locate a subscriber. Helio's offering is included on the Drift handset when subscribers choose the "All-In" membership plan.

For more on Helio's GPS offering:
- see this article from TMCNet 

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